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  1. Guys, thanks for the input. I really really appreciate this. I'm basically a vintage Pam guy (I usually reside on HF) with little to no experience of the Rollies. I did not know the price level of either the gen set and the rep/gen case/movement. But I will do some more research (I'll check out the iphone book), check my accounts and see if there is an opportunity. I have some muscles but I'm not prepared to pay correct price for the kit. I'll keep you updated...
  2. TTsteel

    5513 Dilemma

    1520 how you come to $3000 for the build - $1500 sounds more realistic imho cheers, Frank
  3. TTsteel

    5513 Dilemma

    +1 on the 1520
  4. The Goat is right. Get the hack movement because it is worth a little more at resale. Go for the no hack if you need an earlier type movement in a particular watch or just remove the hack parts from a hack movement. Always go for a 26 jewel model as the 17 jewel model has trouble when the bushings wear out on the reversers and intermediate wheel. Regular 26 jewel parts (jewels) will not work in 17 jewel autowind assemblies, you will need to order jewels by size for the 17 jewel a/w assembly and then install them using a Seitz etc jewel tool. It is not hard to do but you might practice setting jewels on something of less value first. A regular staking tool will get the old bushings out but it will be hard to set jewels to the correct depth without a micrometer dial on a jewel tool or at least one with a graduated scale. In the USA, look on dashto.com for used jewel tools etc. No worries, Tom is a first class guy.
  5. Thanks for your help sneed. Reason i was choosing between the SubC or the Sub TW, was both looks the exact same to my eyes, except for the material the bezel was made of. Only reason why i chose the SubC was the shiny metal bezel looked very similar to my UPO black bezel. Seems that i was wrong, and realised on here that the Sub TW was a superior replica than the SubC (kicking myself over it). But regardless, i guess i bought the Asian ETA, so few yrs down the track if it does break i do have the excuse to try the Sub TW if its still around (or a better one has taken its place).
  6. Most agree the 1665 came with 93150 and 585 endlinks. I have the cartel 93150 and am using 580's from WSO on ebay. I have never seen 585 gen or reps for sale.
  7. Nice did that start out life as an SSD v2?
  8. TTsteel

    Rolex Hands

    Hey K Keep an eye open for the mailman
  9. Wow that thing is really convincing, nice work you'll have to make a vintagizing guide.
  10. That may very well do it! Can you take a hi-res macro?
  11. The original 1680 crystal had a very small bevel. The early service crystals had straight sides(top hat) and the current service crystals have the larger bevel as yours.
  12. TTsteel

    Advice! GMT

    I don't know. The 16710 has a 6mm crown.
  13. Crystal ?? Could you explain how you solved the crown guard issue because there is material missing imo on the noob case. Carpe Diem Cats
  14. Given the above comments, then a Submariner should fit your needs perfectly I would equally advise against buying the TC sub outright just in case, but, if you literally just want to give the watch a try, for this price, I'd highly recommend this watch and seller. They might not be on the forum's 'trusted dealer' list, but I've never had an issue with them, and only buy from anyone else if they don't have the specific watch I'm looking for http://www.cqout.com...asp?id=14764583 PS Before anyone starts whining about 'scams' and 'only using the trusted dealers' or any such BS, the site uses an inhouse escrow service which is more secure than any TD offering. I'm personally vouching for this seller and their high standards, so if anyone wants to cry foul, you'll be calling me a liar...
  15. "It all started in the 1980's when she bought herself a brand new rolex lady date at Bromberg's in Birmingham AL. It went through 3 'overhauls' including two bracelets, two bezels' 2 dials, 2 mainsprings, etc etc before we sold it 10 or 12 years later. It was a piece of damn junk from day one. Next, I bought her a brand new TT sapphire crystal lady oyster (no date to F with). It was not much better and she wore it a few weeks and has been in a bank box ever since. Imho genuine rolex watches are over rated like down home cookin', Christmas with relatives, and Cadillac cars." This was automatico's rant to me a few weeks ago! Neither one of us give the ladiies Rolex movements a high rating. My wife was never happy with her TT DJ and finally quit wearing it. Couldn't keep it wound.
  16. Great work J. My wife has a similar DJ, all rep of course, that is one of her go to pieces. Where did you score the Gen bits?
  17. Good luck Db2! I've screwed a few up and also had happen what happened to you..stem just pulled out. If you have success, let me know how hard it was. I haven't had enough time reading the tutorials yet to try to fix one.
  18. Did you order directly from Yuki? If so, you should be able to look at your order and see if you went for the 278x dial or the 28xx dial. If not, try to compare to the images above. As for swapping the dial, if your 5513 has the Asian 21j movement, NOT the Asian 2836, then you cannot do a straight swap. The ETA dials will not fit the Asian 21j movement.
  19. It's only cheaper if you buy the Josh 5513 with it already installed. Otherwise, I don't know where you could buy an Asian 2836, and the Swiss 2836 is definitely more expensive. Edited to add: does your Tudor dial have feet for the 278x movements or the 28xx movements? This is important to know. If 278x, your best choice is the 2783 from Ofrei; if 28xx, your cheapest solution without buying a new Swiss 2836 would be the 2846 (21.6k, so low beat) which can routinely be found for around $100 on Ebay.
  20. I'm building a 9411, so it sounds like the 2783 is the way to go. Can someone link me to Ofrei's site?
  21. Ephry, You know this watch? Gen bezel construction? 26mm dials fit? Like josh 5513 but better CG's?
  22. Luckily that is not the common weld failure. He broke a simple pin with swaged ends. You would have to recreate the pin and the "riveted heads" to fix this.
  23. Indeed a real nice SUB , makes me wonder if i have to sell my fully modded MBW in order to get a better SUB like this TC. Carpe Diem Cats
  24. you remove the engraving?
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