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  1. awesome, thanks for all the info! Yeah, pictures of the different dials in the case and stuff would be GREAT!
  2. TTsteel

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    This.....plus...who doesn't like puffies?
  3. cant imagine why you would even want to downgrade a 1570, especially a 1575. Seeing plenty of 1520's around for great deals
  4. Thanks Highoey My best ones wouldn't have happened without your involvement
  5. Looks really good woof Mine is straight from the dealers with eta movement, I am not sure how accurate it is but love it all the same......till I saw yours
  6. Would it possibly be cheaper and quicker to sell your DSSD, buy one from BK, and pay him the extra 30 dollars to waterproof it?
  7. What about the rest of the stuff in the pbdad package like the aring the crystal and the satin dial varnish which I disagree with anyway oh and there's a few more things too I keep forgetting, by the way I asked him if he would soften the edges of the bracelet and clasp, he said yes for a further hundred dollars
  8. OK - it is a modern, thin font 5513/1665 variant - very small serifs, but not seen in these pictures
  9. Thanks for your reply. Is this the one?
  10. Is that Yuki's solid midlink bracelet? How is it compared to the PT?
  11. Looks good. Was it difficult to fit the gen movement?
  12. im waiting for a good out of box DJ, in the mean time; can any of you guys direct me to a good Watch Maker who could make a Franken Rolex for me (For the right price) ?? I know BK but he's busy, anyone else?
  13. I was wrong, the reps do not use a DWO. I can't say whether that's because the date window position is wrong (too far right = ETA position) or if the gen is that way.
  14. If it's a wider watch.. wouldn't the dates have to be farther out on the datewheel to actually fit?
  15. I would pay good money for something like this, it would be awesome to have one built "gen spec"
  16. Do sub models 5512, 5513 and 1680 all share the same bezel assembly?
  17. TTsteel


    Thanks to all for their replies, foung BK's Garage, Cheers fellas
  18. It works, a lot of members did it (I remember chefcook ) but you have to be lucky, sometimes it fits, sometimes no. I heard PT saying that this issue has been solved
  19. The watch dial looks smaller than the gen, so the dial must be 26.2 mm, instead of 26.6mm, which would lead me to conclude that this is an MBW watch. How about the "octo" movement ? is this a variant of the ETA or is it a different type ? Is there a thread in the forum(s) where to read about MBW watches ? Hope you can bear with my curiosity. Thank you
  20. TTsteel

    Tudor 7809 Franken

    Another fine build from the maestro
  21. Well, unfortunately a midsize is not a standard so I cannot say how much you would spend, because parts are rarer than men's size dj and prices can be fair or crazy. I was going to buy this dial for 350$ because I really wanted it, and then by chance I found the same exact dial for 180$ brand new and with hands too. For a men's size I can say that you can spend around 1000$ for a watch like this. And that was my budget too. With a rep bracelet you could cut costs a lot. Anyway fair price would be: Case crystal and bezel 250$ eta movement, $150, dial, $150, hands $10, crown $50, date wheel $50. Bracelet $350
  22. Best story on the forum today! I want to adapt a 2671 to a gen lady sized case. Just haven't begun yet.
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