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  1. Has anyone happened to come across a better version of this watch? http://www.puretime.co/product/classic-fusion-ladies-chrono-rg-white-dial-pink-diamond-bezel-on-pink-rubber-strap-jap-quartz/ The missus really likes it and I'm picking out flaws all over the place but alas, rep factories know their demographic and don't really focus too heavily on women's watches. There was a thread a while back about the ladies '"Rep of the Year" but I can't find that specific watch at any of our TDs (and she really likes pink). UPDATE: So I pulled the trigger on it anyway and it arrived today. Wow, what a thing! http://www.rw-forum.com/uploads/monthly_09_2015/attachment.php Of course the battery was DOA so I had to run around and get a new SR927W for it. The strap is incredibly soft which will definitely appeal to the ladies. The watch looks VERY nice. The crystal is amazingly clear and really allows the dial to pop. I'm guessing it must have a colorless AR, because the crystal looks almost invisible at times. Clasp is good, but has more play in it and feels lighter and dare I say cheaper. This is in contrast to the men's V6, which feels like a quality piece of engineering. Dial explanation: 9 o'clock subdial: This is the minute counter for the chronograph. 3 o'clock subdial: This is a 24-hour indicator. Wasn't expecting that, very cool. Large seconds: Chronograph seconds, the watch has no running second hand. Quite happy with it, and I'm sure the woman will be as well. I shall call it the "Big Bang Titty Bang". :maty:
  2. You can flip them around by removing the screws. [shrug]
  3. Hey guys, got a couple shots here I need some advice on. I've placed arrows where I've got questions about potential issues. For the 'straight-on' shot of the dial: Left arrow: I think the lug-plate looks to be sticking out too far. Right arrow: Date misaligned with the date window? For the side-profile shot of the case: Maybe I'm just used to my HBB V6, but that looks like a LOT of gap, I can't even yank on the strap on my V6 and get that much gap. Should I be concerned? For the angled shot of the case: Just another angle of the lug-plate that I think is sticking out too far. And on the whole: Dutchy, does this look like a real full ceramic RG or is it plated? I'm almost thinking I should just get another V6, but the ceramic looks so good.
  4. So it happened. Woke up today, put my HBB on and my hand slowly ran over the chrono buttons and felt something odd. I look and sure enough, one of my chrono pushers inserts had escaped over the course of the previous evening out. My fault for not regluing them as soon as I received it. Has anyone had any success sourcing the proper V6 rubber inserts (not the hard plastic ones) for these? I've sent Angus an e-mail, but figured I should ask the community as well.
  5. I thought the gen crystals don't have colourless AR...?
  6. I am looking at selling mine. Give me a bit to get some photos taken and an approved "For Sale" thread created.
  7. I've got one for sale in the classifieds if you're interested. White date display and the ceramic rose gold won't have the same wearing/fading problems as the rose gold plated steel models.
  8. Please do! I'd love to see this. Who is your TD?
  9. I saw vishnt's thread (http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/sho...ot-142550.html) and thought it looked pretty good. But yeah, I suppose you're right.
  10. From some of the pictures I'm seeing users post as of late, it leads me to believe that the AR on the V6 has improved lately - any thoughts on this? Anyone receive a V6 lately can that share?
  11. TQDG

    big bang v6 problem.

    Turn the crown clockwise about twenty times.
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