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  1. Trusty is good But, the green crystal is not like gen. You will need to modify it I have sent mine to PB Dad, still not recieved it You will find pics on a modded one if u search
  2. Satin76

    yuki 16800

    never gets worn though, just one of those builds you think you want but when it is done you dont, i think the almost total lack of lume from the tritium puts me off
  3. Satin76

    Is this 9411 legit?

    Interesting. Good to know! Thanks for the info!
  4. send it to someone to get it checked and fine tuned? And, if so who here does this service? Thanks, Jim
  5. Steinhart is a really nice understated piece
  6. Thanks guys, I am a little confused about the case size of the watch, Rolex.com state the watch Ref:168622 is a 35 mm case, are they just rounding up the 34mm?, can abybody clarify this?
  7. So you use the dots to secure the dial and as a spacer...and do away with the rep dial ring that was used on the rep dial ?? (I'm referring to the dial ring as the ring with the 2 grooves designed to catch around the dial feet and sort of hug the outer diameter of the mvt.) Thanks again for all the useful information.
  8. just took some pics of my latest project - what do you think ? cheers, Frank
  9. no - the hole numerals - print looks off 2me - not bold enough - to far off-center the Date wheel could be fixed maybe with an BK or TC DW overlay - this is what would bother me most i also don't like the CGs - the look less defined on the outside and with too much material on the inside. cheers, Frank
  10. Can you post a pic? I have one of the red-pack 116's from him as well, and it is correct.
  11. Satin76

    93150 screws

    They sell packages of gen spec screws on ebay. They are supposed to be gaurenteed to fit.
  12. Will do my friend..i am waiting for the black one !!!
  13. Would you price the Mona Lisa by the cost of canvas & paint? Get with the program, Nanuq.
  14. Hey I got first dibs, buddy. That's right... I'm talkin' to you.
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