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  1. calibration wise.. 2 s/d, 12 mins/year.. i think thats pretty good..
  2. How's the white rubber strap holding up? Any build of up non removable stain marks from wear? LT
  3. Quite interested in upgrading the crystal on my 253 too. I'll be paying close attention to this post.
  4. How's the white rubber strap holding up? Any build of up non removable stain marks from wear? LT
  5. Very nice.. I am slowly transitioning into the vintage rollie phase..
  6. Very very inspiring store
  7. Very nice watch and good capture.. BEAUTIFUL!
  8. Now I feel like an idiot worrying.. lol
  9. Is AR on both sides of the crystal? For the Noob PAM 111 though this link per say.. http://puretimewatch.com/product/bez-pam111-m-noob-transparent-ar-best-edition-on-black-oem-rubber-strap/ Concerned about it scratching up.
  10. Good point/question. I'm on the verge of ordering one too (after CNY) and would like to hear opinions on this as well.
  11. I am planning to buy a custom leather strap for the PAM 111 in which I haven't purchased. Like I mentioned in other posts, just waiting out CNY and what not better to do than researching a strap for it How do I go about buying a custom strap? Custom as in do I measure my wrist and it is made to my exact fitment? If so, is there a formula to go by? Or custom as in I simply choose from whatever whoever has to offer that isn't OEM? Please and thank you my friends
  12. Thanks! But yeah I knew about CNY. Just didn't think Angus would have gotten back to me beforehand.
  13. I actually placed the order shortly after creating this thread and did opt for EMS.. Was too excited and decided to bite the bullet.. Thanks co-axial and Bonesey!
  14. Hey guys.. I'm about to complete my order with Angus on the noob PAM 111M.. For the ones who've ordered before, which shipment option did you opt for? Express Mail Services Shipping by safest methods for relevant countries by EMS, FedEx, TNT or Registered Speed Post with a Tracking Number. Delivery lead time usually 6 - 10 working days. US$ 30 Air Mail Services A cheaper shipping method without a Tracking Number only for shipping spares and accessories for orders less than USD100 Delivery lead time usually 10 - 15 working days. US$ 15 Kinda leaning on cheaping out but what if right? Just want to some opinions regarding risks and what not.. Thanks in advance.
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