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  1. On the topic of Mikros, check the Mikro comparison in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=nzo4Rfx3QYA
  2. what is the white colored hand for?
  3. I've never seen that slr before! Well since we already know there's a rep, you can pm the TDs if they have this one. Try Trevor or Mary. Mary: Trevor:
  4. Lelouch


    I like the RG version. It matches the rubies really well =) :
  5. Lelouch


    hey! Look i found one w/o intentionally looking for it. Sucks as a rep though. http://www.watcharoo.net/imitation-t...eplica-tag0078 if you're desperate enough...
  6. Lelouch


    Monaco V4 probably wont be repped. Complications to too great. It's a really cool watch though, i like the revolutionary V4 movement
  7. +1 about the sunken date wheel. The calibre 36 is a beautiful watch, the PVD version is even more of that. I have the quartz version of both the SS and PVD versions, both constructed with the same case as the 7750. I'm really satisfied with the watch. Pretty accurate for the most part and bound to be a eye catcher!
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WRISTWATCH-W...item43b3bc4737 report them
  9. Lelouch

    rep on the bay

    typhoon is correct, that watch is a fake. A good tell is that the gen house movement looks like it has a large gold gear floating next to the balance wheel. If you also take a closer look at the subdials of the watch, the font is horrible and the chronograph hour indicator is almost not legible REPORTED
  10. did you check timeshop? http://www.timeshops.net/568-mikrogi...d_category=568
  11. The leather strap does look nice, but I am planning to get the SS model cause the PVD version is hard to maintain in terms of getting scratched. But too bad cause all the dealers says its out of stock
  12. Thanks for your input, surprisingly if you buy the gen 36 with the bracelet or rubber strap, the price is the same.
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