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  1. Hello, I have bought the kevlar strap and it worth the money. The watch fits better the wrist and I can wear it the hole week without injury from the buckle. The City strap is short, too. Greeting
  2. @gochessmango Hello, thanks for your tip. I'm also interested in your strap. Is it made by yourself or It's an original? I have never seen it bevor on a oceanographic. Greeting Diver4000
  3. @gochessmango, I've bought the Hublot at holliday in Turkey.First the seller would't like to sell because the watch was for a friend. During the speaking he sold it.... He has shown me the movement and swor it is waterproof. I was at the ocean every day and it works until now. I think it is the V2 from V6Factory because of the thicker o-Ring and the better Luminova. Greeting Diver4000
  4. I have 21,5cm wrist size. Greeting Diver4000
  5. http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/sho...ographic-is-it Okay, now It's done:-) Greeting Diver4000
  6. Hello gochessmango, I've start a threat already. What 'v' of Hublot Oceanographic is it? I can't put the link in it. Nobody has known it. I though maybe the V6. Greeting Diver4000
  7. Yes, I've bought the 6mm and it's to small. Damn. Thanks for answer. Greeting Diver4000
  8. I have bought it already. It is too small. Greeting Diver4000
  9. Hello, I've lost my black rubber stick pearl from my Oceanographic 4000 diver. Do anybody know how I can get a new one.? Thanks. Greeting Diver4000
  10. Hi, I'm new in the club and in the forum. The Hublot 4000 diver is my first 1a rep and worth all the money. Its a great forum and great threat. And of course a great watch. diver4000
  11. Yes the chrono looks much better. Nice watch. I've had the silver one. Greeting Diver4000
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