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  1. Dude, who made this strap for you? Would love to get a custom denim strap made for the HBB!
  2. Does anyone know where i can get hold of TX or mikey crystal?
  3. Dude, i don't know why you're being odd about it.. You don't need to take the lower one, that's the purpose of the QC pics to stop something like this from being sent to you! Nothing has gone horribly wrong lolol, just tell the dealer you got wrong one, i ordered this and within 2 days he'll send you QC pics of the watch you actually ordered. It was just a small human error. Chill out, the watch hasn't even left for you yet, everything will be sorted.
  4. Tell them, they'll change it.. Don't see why you put this on here?
  5. What do you think hublot are? :lol1:
  6. I'd never heard of hublot or AP before seeing them on the wrist of jay z and other sports stars so of course it makes sense he get's these watches for free (maybe not the 5 mil one) although i bet he's bought in a hell of a lot more than 5 mil of business for them. At that level i don't even think they care if the watch is 'worth' 5 mil, they just do it because they can, and why not IMO. As ignorant as that is i can't imagine what having 100's of millions in the bank, i watched a birdman video the other day were he goes into a gucci and a louis v store, most people would have to save/not go to crazy in both of these stores, he just went in points at a load of shit he probably won't even wear half of it, spent 210,000 in gucci then walks over to louis. Spending 200k to people with that bankroll is nothing, i guess a 5mil watch would probably excite them a little, which is what they probably miss. I bet we will never see it on his wrist though. B made something like 55mil alone in 2011 so she can afford it, me thinks, lol.
  7. First i'd recommend getting some cape cod, get yourself an H screwdriver; as above, remove the bezel and give it a thorough go on the bezel with the cape cod - the stuff is miracles and i have personally managed to get out some nasty scratches from SS watches using it. Failing that, contact a dealer and ask for a v6 SS bezel, they'll get it easily but it will be around 120$ plus shipping.
  8. Rubberj00

    Clasp question

    Edit: Sorry i forgot, if you're trying to change strap you merely need to detatch the clasp from the bracelet were the spring bar is. The screws on the actual clasp don't come undone as far as i'm aware.
  9. Yeah saw on his page a while ago, his premium looks pretty decent. I'm more wondering who everyone ran too when all the tx's came out - finedd? (i know not trusted modder here anymore..)
  10. I've got a TX crystal on one of my hbb's but the AR is going a bit shitty - where did everyone get there TX's AR'd when they first got them. I'm obviously looking for most accurate AR to gen.. Which modder would you guys suggest to send too? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The rubber straps which are closest i think are the rigged v6 ones. If you have the funds and are able to source one get a gen matte gummy - best strap possible IMO, made my rep look 100x more like the real thing in my eyes.
  12. Get the rubber IMO, once you see the difference between a gen gummy and the rep version you'll realise how bad it is. I used to think they were good but after getting gen I had to take the rep one off my other hbb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Is that even meant to be a watch?
  14. Ever think that it's your wrist that's causing issue and not the clasp, so to speak? I don't have an issue and it appears others don't. Like peteM sais look at the clasp when it's on, figure what's making it uncomfortable and it'll probably just need bending. Just because it's uncomfortable on your wrist doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Make sure to change your tampon before trying it back on, this could also help... :goat:
  15. Says the guy with no experience of the gen clasp vs rep class to the guy who actually owns the gen watch. lol.
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