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  1. I'm just starting to build up my rep collection and purchased a few automatics. However, I would like something with quartz movement that I can use for daily use without having to stress about an automatic movement. I also discovered how much I like the styling of Hublot watches. So my question is, does anyone know if the build quality between these two be comparable? Automatic http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/sho...te-104907.html and Quartz http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/sho...mic-53106.html I also heard Silix has some quartz Hublot- can anyone speak to the quality of their quartz Hublot vs. automatic? I guess my big concern is how $120 for quartz and $330 for automatic compare.
  2. perfect, thanks- was searching under all of the wrong keywords- strap, bracelet, etc..
  3. So I received my white Hublot Big Bang Aspen from sead. After a few days of wearing, I've started to notice some dirt or blackening along the edges of the strap. Soap and water had no effect on removing it. Anybody have any recommendations on cleaning their vulcanized rubber hublot strap?
  4. You're right. The quality of v6 claps have gone downhill. You can tell if you have a good one if it has two indentations on the inside of the clasp, for the two studs. I ended up sourcing new ones (specifically requesting the one with the indentations) from sead on my last v6s
  5. message sead at supermirrors he will check stock on the watch before asking for money
  6. stxtf

    A fugly new big bang

    the genuine http://www.ablogtowatch.com/hublot-b...he-mode-watch/ http://www.hublot.com/en_US/watch/bi...5/depeche-mode
  7. stxtf

    A fugly new big bang

    I would buy this in a second if not quartz and probably mineral crystal
  8. Most recommend against the 21.6k 7750 movement. Apparently it is prone to issues.
  9. I would really love a steel/gold upper ring instead of plastic as well, I would buy and swap into my RG tourbillon instantly.
  10. stxtf

    Best Hublot rep

    v6.5 I guess is technically already here. Every v6 I've bought from sead (you can tell a v6 by looking at the movement- if it says HUB4104, it is a v6) has had no blue AR tint. v1 lite is great, but the complete lack of detail on the movement is just a killer. I'll take a 1mm too thick second hand, weak AR, and incorrect bezel pattern over a movement that screams replica.
  11. Donerix will make a strap to your requested size.
  12. You can find that an aero bang (check puretime website I think they're up there) but afaik they're all low beat 7750s
  13. Yes, and the engravings on the bridge look better as well.
  14. I think SS looks the most gen due to the smooth SS bezel. I have all three of these actually, and I like that one the best personally, its a great subtle watch.
  15. Aero bangs have low beat 7750 movements which are notoriously unreliable
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