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  1. Ben

    Heuer 01 rep?

    Hi Has anyone heard if the rep factories plan of prepping the non skeleton dial version of the Heuer 01? It comes on a bracelet which is a big draw for me, the rubber straps make the watch too casual, whereas I think steel can be worn casually or more formally Check out the pic attached Regards
  2. Ben

    PO Broken?

    could it be the rotor scraping against the case? what is the best (cheapest) method for removing the caseback? is it counterclockwise to remove it?
  3. Ben

    PO Broken?

    hi , i bought a PO (3rd gen?) from a member on trc last week, and i can hear what i assume is the weight that generates the power, sorry i don't know what its called moving around, at first i thought this was normal but over the week it has become louder and sounds as if its looser, however the watch is still ticking and for what i can tell keeping good time. so my question is, is this normal or should i get someone to take a look at it before it possibly causes some long term damage to the movement? Thanks everyone Ben
  4. ok, i will take some when im finished at work, however i have noticed that i broke the manual winding function of the watch, i have checked and everything else is working, but the watch definatly had that function previously!
  5. hi , ive got an asian movement from silix in a lange and sohne seconds at 6 and a big date at 12 (like in the blackbird) that has seperate windows for each part of the date, however the date is misaligned and trying to open it the stem release is a tiny pin resting on a plate. trying to push down on it doesnt seem to work however i have noticed when you pull the crown out the pin and plate move with it, if any one knows how to release the stem i would be grateful! thanks RWG pics are hard for me to take however if need i will try, again many thanks
  6. @yim156: the rolex will tick just fine but you get what you pay for if you want a smoother sweep on the second hand your going to have to spend more, however i have several reps with asian movements at 21.6k bph and think they look fine when ticking, its just personal preference
  7. shame that the 6 and 9 both look like 8, or am i just mistaken??
  8. thanks for the info Volker! BTW my strap arrived today but the spring bars included are too thin and slightly too short to hold the strap in place so my other option is the spring bars that were from the watch itself but it looks as if its going to be a tight squeeze and im concerned that i might not be able to get the fat spring bars out of my rubber strap, if anyone has any ideas or a solution help would be appreciated!
  9. some great pics there, actually the first thing after resizing it was go to the gym and take a swim with it, i frickin love it!
  10. wow that straps just cool, at this rate I'm going to have spent more on straps then i did for the watch! the watch arrived today! (9 days from Singapore to the UK) just going to nip in town and get it resized i really should invest in a re-sizer! thanks for the continued advice, more is always welcomed!!
  11. thanks for the advice, i really like the rubber oyster aswell, i think i will get that and a cheap NATO/ZULU, i just love changing straps on my watches, people always think you have more watches... btw i got my rubber strap from here https://www.thorntonwatch.com/ and if your quick they have a sale on, plus an extra 25% off if u email them first heres a link http://www.pmwf.com/....cgi?read=69942 , however it says the 25% off is no longer in effect, but its gotta be worth a shot!
  12. hi, i just bought a black monster on the bay, so i guess this would be my first mechanical gen! i cant wait for it to arrive but then i got to thinking i don't want it on the SS band it comes with so i have nipped over to PMWF.com looking for straps and bought an f1 rubber strap similar to the ones on an Oris f1 style watch, but i think i'm going to have buyers remorse when it arrives so i thought i would ask around for some advice on some good yet relatively cheap straps for the watch, leather rubber or metal will all be considered and pics would also be a bonus. Thanks for all advice
  13. i like that, and im guessing quite easily reppable?
  14. seeing that makes me want to go out and PVD my black monster, i think it would look better then that watch only because that one is a little too big and chunky! nice watch tho enjoy it and show us some wrist shots when it arrives
  15. Ben

    Anonimo tru-blu

    damn thats nice! wear it well
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