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  1. The PVD is better than plating Therefore be carefull and you will not have problems
  2. Asian7750 is an offical TD from 23 -august 2011. Read this: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/ann....php?f=20&a=73 http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/sho...rwi-75288.html You can buy from it without problems. I have very good references from its customers. The reps, for the same model, are all the same in all dealers If you have half price in Timesshop surely it is other model or other different version. You must not have differences higher than 10-12%
  3. Nice watch my friend I'm looking for one next time I thought in leather strap, but your watch looks very very nice Congrats!
  4. This is a very good replica in type A7750, in it yo can find all you want In A21J and 80-100$ is difficult to have good crisytal and good AR. at best you will find mineral crystal with a simple low quality AR. I think that CF dial it will be impossible (I don't know none) The general quality of the replica will be worse than 7750, worse dial, subdials(important in this replica), bezel, strap, pushers... And of course all the functions will not be operative!! This is a very good replia in A7750 and it is worth to buy it!! BTW awesome watch!!
  5. Thanks saras for sharing They are very interesting watches Very TAG
  6. It is impossible to have a replica accurate of this watch. It has 1/10 and 1/100 sec sub dials, that need a very special movement that it is impossible to put in a replica and there is not copy of it
  7. Congratulations!! Nice Watch I wll order one the next time
  8. ALE7575

    Heuer Chrono

    Sorry no reps for this model I agree my friend Anopsis (Hi)
  9. As far as I know, the only TAG with 45mm is TAG SLR You can find an example below: http://www.replicamake88.com/products/TAG06002-TAG-HEUER-SLR-CHRONOGRAPH-RUBBER-ASIAN-7750-BLACK.html Regards
  10. The rep watch is the same But Timeshops don't indicates 28.800 bph (therefore, perhaps is a low beat mvmt) and ASIAN 7750 is indicating 28.800 bph. (that assures high beat more reliable and more expensive) Besides Asian is cheaper!! and from 23 August it is a RWI TD!! I have good references from Asian 7750 customers If you want this watch..Go to Asian 7750 !! ADVICE: if you like this watch, consider the TAG Day Date 43mm too http://www.asian7750.com/cn/product_...2&P_id=1394&ti=
  11. Hi rvd Please dont take the direct way. It is easier but it is much more boring. You must read about dealers, learn about rep faults, issues, learn about movements Then you can start choosing your rep and choosing your dealer following your preferences of communication, payment, reliability Anyway, if you have some interesting model for you, please inform us and a lot of members will be able to help you.
  12. IMO there are not differences, they are the same watch!! Therefore you can buy from Asian7750 and save money!! Besides, Replicamake is not yet RWI TD Puretime has a midium price 238$ BTW nice watch Other option, if you have not small wrist, look the TAG Day Date 43mm, similar but more intersting dial and very good rep too.
  13. The special versions have some flaws. My advice go to the normal version Very accurate rep. http://www.asian7750.com/cn/product_...2&P_id=1423&ti= BTW very nice watch. I have just bought one.
  14. There are a lot of replicas, Why this bad model precisely? Change the way it is a fantasy
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