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  1. MoF

    yuki 16800

    I have the same problem.I almost cannot abide one that has no lume. I have a wonderful genuine 16750 GMT, but the lume is gone. I am thinking seriously about sending it up to Ziggy to have the dial relumed. That will probabbly destroy the value of the watch, but I'm not planning on selling it. All of my vintage builds, my 1680 and 1665 DRSD have Ziggy's vintage lume and they are great.
  2. This is the last one I have (from December last year): nataliendtradingcorp@gmail.com
  3. MoF

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    No doubt, a great job by a true artist. The Zigmeister is the best.[/b]
  4. MoF

    Relumed MBW 1680 dial

    I just got pictures of my MBW 1680 white dial that is relumed by The Zigmeister! What do You experts say about it Attached Files close up.JPG 54.41KB 9 downloads overall finish.JPG 124.6KB 9 downloads
  5. MoF

    What to Build Next?

    Datejust 1600 or 16000 on oyster with a cool dial - maybe tropical ? (all but the boring silver dial they always come with ) cheers, Frank
  6. ....and why would you say the insert is not Gen? You are correct on hands and dial
  7. well ... better luck next time
  8. Thanks guys. I really appreciate your sharing of knowledge. Where would you consider to be the best place for the pads and/or 2 sided tape ?? And typically how thick are these dial pads ?? They obviously cannot interfere with the DW rotation. Thanks again for all the expert advice and insight.
  9. Wait for TC's dwo in around 4 weeks
  10. MoF

    Ladies Yachtmaster

    I have been looking around for 29 mm, and also midsize.. However, I can only find high q reps in 40 mm Men size...Meaning just some flaws Use the search function to read about 40 mm
  11. They are the same parts as well for the Tudor Subs 7928, 7016, 7021, 9401, 9411, 76100, and 79090. I've always wondered if it was the same for the 79190 as well but don't know.
  12. MoF

    93150 screws

    anyone know what rep bracelet screws fit a GEN 93150 bracelet. ive tried WM9 v2 ones they stop short of screwing down completely im guessing the threading on the screw doesnt start early enough, ive tried PTs they dont even fit the hole, theyre too thin, ive tried some cheap rep bracelet same deal, maybe even noobmariner ones (im not sure), MBK 93150 ones, none seem to screw down completely any ideas?
  13. MoF

    Buying from BK

    I have read a lot about the high quality of BK's work, so am about to buy a DSSD from him. People have mentioned that delivery can take a little time though. Typically how long is the wait when you order from BK?
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