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  1. Funny, I walked though a door a long time ago.....and lost my cherry:-)
  2. Kobe

    yuki 16800

    Yuki is the best deal, then send it to PBdad for a relume. Send along a set of hands so everthing matches. This is my matte dial 16660- great at night!
  3. Thanks P, Andrew at TrustyTime has a couple of straight second hand options, problem is the hour and minute hands are so wrong on both. His lume dot, folded bracelet is nice, much better hands, but the second hand is wrong. Now I see why people mod! Thanks again for your great advice. Most appreciated. Chris9
  4. The crystal looks like an old "Helfands" T39 from a few years ago. Here's a comparison to a gen and rep T-39.
  5. Beautiful photography Not watches I'd choose for myself, but they all work very nicely together
  6. Probably so. The 1570 and 1520 debuted around 1965 from what I can tell.
  7. I've never used the ones specifically sold as 'dial dots' but have used regular double sided tape on many occasions to fix a dial to the movement, and never had an issue with the dial slipping or moving over time
  8. Really nice Frank. The Pearl looks a bit weird but I love your builds every time
  9. For me the biggest tell was the lume is slightly yellow on the rep, instead of the pure crystalline white on the genuine.
  10. Kobe

    Gotta love the AR Crystals

    fwiw, that is very sad looking numerals in the cyclops, Rest looks nice thought. Best of luck with it.
  11. I bet that will never happen E, like Bert said the factories couldn't or wouldn't get the WM9 SD case right because it was so "complicated" so they took the easy way (read cheaper way) and just made it like a sub.
  12. I would say yes. At least the ones I've seen typically do. Usually accompanied by gold bezel (or gold accents), gold bracelet accents and a gold crown too Though I'm sure there are exceptions to every rule.
  13. Kobe


    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so forgive my imcompetence, can anybody point me in the right direction to contact BK, I want to order from him. Thanks Adrian
  14. I would like to see some pics too. Side by side and modded. And a little review after some weeks by having this watch. thx
  15. Indeed good value for money. I had a few from Barak also and the quality is very good. Once he shipped me one with a little dent in it and shipped me a new one with any problem. Carpe Diem Cats
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