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  1. RD's been on my list for a long,long time,but the prices a quite high.If it's not a secret, how much was this beauty ?
  2. great watch sebaztianl! I am just thinking of getting the same one myself,but (please correct me if I'm wrong) I think the improved subdial should be silver(ish) not white.It may be just the picture but subdial on your pics looks the same color as the rest of the dial, and so does on Puretimes photos of the rep.I hope I'm wrong!
  3. Looks great indeed!I reckon it would look really classy on fine leather strap.Pure elegance,
  4. That's great!I'm happy for you,please share some pix with us when you receive them, I'm very interested in getting one myself...
  5. Yes,the black one is correct,the white one should be more silverish,I looks "just" white one Puretime pics.I can only judge from the pictures on PT web site,I haven't seen the rep in person.The gen's silver-white dial is really beautiful in person tho...gotta love the details,especially the reflection of the dial in certain light.
  6. Really wish the new version had the righ (sub)dial color, I'd been very close to "pulling the trigger" but found out about that flaw and changed my mind. Maybe they'll soon make a V2 version and all will be good...
  7. The puretime' s version is way better but the subdial and datewheel colors are off.I talked to Angus about it and he had promised to talk to the makers about it.I hope he does because I walk past AD across the street every day and the temptation is growing stronger accordingly..
  8. Subdial and datewheel background color are flawed even in the best rep version...
  9. mykeos

    V6 or H factory

    V6 anytime! But if you want the best of both worlds you can buy both and take the dial out of H fac. one and "transplant" it into V6.
  10. ok,thanks again!I will definitely not choose the CF dial,because I think it doesen't look as elegant as the other version. Thanks also for the case engraving warning for the gold one,but still,my main concern is the gold color tone.I have been "googling" for 2 days now and haven't been able to find a rep to gen comparison of the rose (red?) gold on the classic fusion.There are comparisons for the Big bang watch,but imho that's different,because big bang uses so called king gold (4% more copper,therefore a more reddish look) and the fusion has red gold (as stated on hublot official web page).After looking at some rep photos on the web,I think the rep gold is more like king gold,which could be a very obvious tell,much more than engravings and the date wheel.But if I am wrong and there isn't any obvious differences regarding the gold colour, I would go for the gold,disregarding all other faults.In that case,I would also buy a 21J ss version,which is,as you wrote, a great watch for the price...
  11. Thanks Pyer,I'll go with the 2892.Mybe just one more question: do you have any suggestions about the color combination: the thing is, that the only material that can be close to the gen is stainless steel or black version.Other gens have zirconium,titanium or gold.I really doubt the ss or "gold" plated ss of the reps look similar to the gen.Or am I wrong?Which color do you think is least "obviuos"?
  12. First, my compliments for the great review. I think Fusion is a beautiful watch that maybe doesen't get a fair share of attention.I've decided to get one as well, but have a problem deciding which should I take the 2892 or the 2824 one.I found this 2824 model at Silix:http://www.silix-prime.com/index.php...oducts_id=4274 which has a correct bezel shape. Considering the bezel shape was one of the bigest issues of the 2824 in this review,I really don't know what do to.The price is about the same as for the 2892,so my main concern is the case shape and size.Which one is closest to the gen?Thanks.
  13. mykeos

    Gen VS Rep Strap

    Wow! That's quite a surprise for me.I had thought the rep strap is much closer to the gen.The difference on your pics is huge.Would be interesting to see the grey gummy comparison as well.How much is the gen gummy anyway?
  14. Rubberj00: I was a bit worried myself but I can assure you it does look "masculine" enough I have a pretty large wrist (7.5inch - 19cm) and the watch doesen't look small on it at all. The thickness of the watch is 1.1 cm which is not that nad either.And considering the specific design of the watch you don't want it to be any larger really.It would only make it look "bling bling" .It's you choice of course but I'd reccomend it.
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