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  1. The movement 3131 introduced below is used in the ultimate edition of Milgauss replicas. This 3131 movement is not based on any movement, it is completely cloned according to the original Cal.3131 movement. In the past, clone 3131 movement used by replica watches is modified from Sea-gull ST18 movement(the so-called imitation ETA 2836-2 or Sea-gull 2836-2 or Asia 2836-2), only adds 3131 stamp on the basis of ST18. Let me introduce the specification of original Cal.3131 movement first. Cal.3131 beats 28800 times per hour, it was produced in 2007 and modified from 3130 movement. Cal.3135 has the following improvements: No Date Blue Parachrom Hairspring Rhodium-plated, antimagnetic Next, let's appreciate the clone 3131 movement, in appearance, it looks the same as the original. The key drive and power reserve use the same escapement system like the genuine. The factory that makes base movement plates is unable to make precise modification parts, so we find another better factory, to produce those precise machine parts according to our drawing. Because the new clone 3131 is not based on any movement, so the crown must be re-customized, can't use a common crown. Finally, the Geneva Stripes, also completely the same as that on genuine movement. Ok, let's begin to install the related modification parts of the movement. The deck that fixes the escapement is very small. Plate to fix the hairspring. The power storage system connected to the hairspring is also customized. Install all screws and fix the movement to base plate. The whole processes of clone 3131 modification is done. Ok, let's install the completed movement into a Milgauss watch. Considering the weight and to increase power storage, we make lighter hands. The front dial. With hands. To see if the hands work. The back side.
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