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  1. It is with rubber strap before, now the V7 Diver has leather strap version.
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replicas made by BP factory, 316L stainless steel case plated with yellow gold or rose gold, thick gold coating on surface and will not fade after a long time use. Hands and hour markers are all filled with white lume material. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Gold-Watches-BP-Maker/18f2af04680d8b783fa1b9e917de07ff
  3. rwadmin

    BP Rolex

    Long time to hear the news from BP factory. This time, the factory publishes the Rolex YachtMaster, which is equipped with Asia 7750 movement, the watch is made of 316L stainless steel, blue bezel has engraved markers, the depth is clearly seen. Foursquare hour markers have blue frames, the center is filled with white lume materials. The countdown feature of the YachtMaster watch is fake. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Rolex-YachtMaster-Stainless-Steel-Case-A7750-White-Dial/35befa8809767191cea73c418caf9ef3
  4. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/PAM571-P-Titanium-ZF-1%253A1-Best-Edition-on-Black-Rubber-Strap-ZP9000/5fc72d37b3c04377dea42e74f8ab9429
  5. Too many new replicas from Noob today. These three YachtMaster models are also made by them. The case and bracelet are in yellow gold, rose gold and two tone. With Asia 7750 movement inside, but the countdown feature is fake. By the way, the lume is strong. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Rolex-YachtMaster-Gold-Asia-7750/68028bad24171955038b72a5ff119a78
  6. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Rolex-Submariner-Green-116610LV-A2824-Superlumed-Dial/5791518658940e4a6655811853551c23
  7. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Rolex-Sea-Dwller-Grid-Dial-SS-Casing/a492293fd7cb6c652bdb97703ed3ed49
  8. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Offshore-White-Dial-SS-Case-Asia-Automatic-Movement/75ba9535e334ffd1882c3667b536ed92 http://www.watchvideo.co/video/AP-ROO-Full-Stainless-Steel-Black-Dial-Asia-7750-Chronograph/9c457e1198b1d55ca01b9b2e2664d819 http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Offshore-SS-Case-Black-Dial-Black-Leather-Strap/e224d4b9672c9c53607d38993dd5c571
  9. Masterpiece from Z factory. The PAM 371 Luminor Submersible replica watch uses Titanium casing, ribbed black rubber strap, transparent case back displays the clone P.9001 Caliber. Perfect lume. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Panerai-Luminor-Submersible-Regatta-PAM-371-Titanium/77152720f169e88fec67b81905cb8170
  10. Yes, it is another BP model with fake PR. These defects you mentioned above, I think, may not be solved in a short time, after all as I know, most decent copies of IWC in the market are made by an unknown factory, not like other big factories such as Noob, J12 and V6, which can improve the watch faults in a short period, if you really like the Petit Prince, the only way to make it closest to gen is to make a franken yourself.
  11. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Tudor-Ranger-from-Z-Factory/3e8f20773e4ecdc31aa284017391d43a
  12. rwadmin

    ZF PAM 448

    The latest PAM 448 REP watch from Z factory, the movement is custom-made with double barrels, so the power reserve up to 72 hours. The movement is decorated to P.3000 Caliber. Plexi glass face, arched. Blue hands on the california dial, which features high quality lume material, strong brightness in the dark. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/PAM448-1%253A1-Best-Edition-Brown-Leather-Strap-P3000-Movement/f433479987748412f678519050211577
  13. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Welder-Watch-Brushed-Stainless-Steel-Case-Rubber-Strap/f03a59f741c416732780208ba6897fed
  14. Great watch for lady, luxury diamonds on bezel, pink leather strap, many models are available with straps in different colors. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Lady-Royal-Oak-SS-Case-Diamond-Bezel-Pink-Leather-Strap/beeb8174937da20343b145c84d309182
  15. rwadmin

    AP RO Lady Watch

    Very elegant style, two hands on the dial, with pink leather strap, there are also many other straps in different colors. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Ladies-Watch-SS-Case-White-Dial-Pink-Leather-Straps/25166901b718a69a681734ca47c95b93
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