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  1. Who knows the name of the factory that makes Richard Mille replicas in the market? http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Richard-Mille-RM010-Diamond-Black-Watch-Miyota/a863ccb68d986986cc73fee08f810ade http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Richard-Mille-RM010-PVD-Black-Rubber-Strap-Miyota-Movement/7fe984457091a438837ec3701d19c4cf
  2. The best edition of PAM 305 released by Z factory currently. Updated movement and other details than other versions. It uses the new P.9000 clone movement by ZF, which has the same decoration as the gen P.9000. Titanium case has beautiful arc lines on both sides, ribbed rubber straps have OP logo on, which supplies a great wearing comfort. The lume color of the pearl is updated and more closer to gen. Iconic colorless AR coating on sapphire crystal, which is baked the same way as the gen. The dial lume and AR-coated crystal all provide the watch with a great readability. http://www.watch
  3. The replica is from BP factory. Rose gold case, the bezel front is brushed, the round edge is polished like the case. Similar to former Nautilus reps published by BP, the biggest flaw of this replica is the faux small-second subdial at 6 o'clock, it small second doesn't move, it only functions as a minute-chronograph counter. The lume is as good as usual. The watch is available in three versions, two tone, rose gold and leather strap. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/BP-Fac-Patek-Philippe-Nautilus-Blue-Dial-Black-Leather-Strap/7b08b887703ba8aae4bd07a8947996f7 http://www.watchvideo.co
  4. Today, I am going to introduce another movement that is used by cheap replica watches - Mingzhu 2813. Because Nanning Watch Factory also makes this movement, we usually call it 2813, or Nanning movement, Mingzhu movement, etc. Mingzhu 2813 movement is often used in mechanical watches under 1000 yuan. The structure of 2813 doesn't match Sea-gull ST and ETA movement. Movement Pictures Movement Specification Size: 24.1mm*7.05mm Power Reserve: 15 hours Jewels: 21 Angle Lift of Balance: 50° Frequency: 21600VPH
  5. Sea-gull ST1812 is the so-called imitation ETA SA 2892-2 or Asia ETA 2892-2. Movement Pictures Movement plates have perlage decoration. ST1812 is cloned from ETA SA 2892-2, it is a high-end product in all Sea-gull movements and can also be fitted with watches that install ETA SA 2892-2 movement. Movement Specification Size: 25.6mm*3.91mm Jewels: 24 Frequency: 28800VPH Angle Lift of Balance: 50° Representative Original Watches That Use This Movement Brand: Sea-gull Reference: M201S Case: Steel, 38mm*8mm Crystal: Sapphire Dial: White Brand: Sea-g
  6. The movement 3131 introduced below is used in the ultimate edition of Milgauss replicas. This 3131 movement is not based on any movement, it is completely cloned according to the original Cal.3131 movement. In the past, clone 3131 movement used by replica watches is modified from Sea-gull ST18 movement(the so-called imitation ETA 2836-2 or Sea-gull 2836-2 or Asia 2836-2), only adds 3131 stamp on the basis of ST18. Let me introduce the specification of original Cal.3131 movement first. Cal.3131 beats 28800 times per hour, it was produced in 2007 and modified from 3130 movement. Cal.3135 has t
  7. Today, I'll share a post about the production of auto rotor. First, find a factory that manufactures precision machine parts and supply them a design paper, which describes the size, material and thickness. The factory that produces auto rotor won't engrave logo on it, but they can polish Geneva Stripes. The finished Mido auto rotor. Semifinished auto rotors, use three kinds of polishing craft, the same as the genuine Mido. On the basis of semifinished rotor, the factory adds another polishing on the bottom of the logo, to make sure the rotor the same as the genuine.
  8. The movement that is ready to be installed. Remove the balance wheel. The balance wheel that has been removed and adjusted. Movement components. The purpose to modify the movement is to guarantee better power reserve and convenient adjustment. The movement has been modified and adjusted. Wipe some oil around rotor place. The caseback and its eight screws. This AP watch has a good waterproof performance, the gasket is custom-made. The gasket must be fixed by special glue, to guarantee the waterproofing performance. Fin
  9. What does a real 1:1 replica watch look like? Different people may have different ideas about the word "1:1", but I believe that a real 1:1 replica watch must have watch parts that can be interchangeable with genuine's. Today, the watch we show below is a 1:1 IWC Portuguese Chronograph watch. First, this is an empty case that hasn't any parts installed. Screw-in crown has screw threads outside. The left is genuine, right is replica. You can notice that on the genuine, the steel ring that fixes the movement has no screws, while the replica has two screws, because the replica watc
  10. All versions of clone Cal.3135 movement in the market. 1, Genuine Cal.3135 As the movement developed by Rolex, it was first used by Rolex in 1988. In 2010, Rolex used blue Parachrom Hairspring in the movement. Wiki: Parachrom: 80% niobium +20% zirconium, silver gray, the blue color of original Rolex watch is oxide coating. Antimagnetic and shock proof, but sensitive to temperature. So the accuracy of original Rolex watches will be affected by temperature change. 2, Clone Cal.3135 There are many versions, most of them are modified from Sea-gull 2836 and ETA 2836. Based on these moveme
  11. Introduction The proposal of this Thread is to establish what is the best choice between some current movements in the replica watches: - "Swiss" ETA - New Asian Superclones - Conventional Asian Clones. The movements which are installed in replicas that we are talking about are as follows: "Swiss" ETA The thoughts about these movements are: - These "Swiss" movements are not really authentic NEW Swiss ETA, they are refurbished Swiss ETA movements. - These "Swiss" movements are really new Swiss ETA. - These "Swiss" movements are made with a part of authentic Swiss parts and a par
  12. A topic about ST2130 to help you better understand Seagull movement, the original article is here:http://www.watchtalkforum.com/topic/141-seagull-st2130-disassembly/ As you may known that now many affordable or middle class watches are using China movements that basically are made by several major Chinese watch movement factories like Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shanghai, among which the most well renowned movement factory should be Tianjin Seagull for its higher quality overall, this factory recent years has expanded its market substantially now occupying a position that used to belong to ETA in th
  13. Now most famous factories producing 1:1 replicas on market, their names followed by: N factory, also called as N maker, Noob Maker, Mr. Creme De La Cr
  14. Movement First, look at the movement, it is the easiest way to tell a fake Panerai. The factories can not imitate the in-house movement, they also can't easily imitate the Unitas, which has a swan neck regulator unique to Panerai. Fake watches really look damn good in recent years, but these won't have real Swiss ETA movement in them, most replicas use A7750 or Seagull 35J movement, when have a fake PAM in hand, you can tell it from the real one. For a transparent glass case back, you can easily spot the movement from the following things: 1, ETA stamping. Cheap copies from China don't h
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