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  2. Just got my BP 16610 sa3135 , don't bother winding up the movement on picking it up the seconds start sweeping away just like my omega seamaster co axial . And after wearing a full day it has over 30 hours power reserve , also it's 2 sec slow a day . Will keep it boxed till I manage to drive to the watch maker 45 miles away . I don't wind it and have found two sources to buy sa so will buy a spare for parts. Just hope once oiling auto wind it stays ok . I think it is a great movement and all this 50 + winds never had to do that with any auto watches . Also wouldn't bother with Putin on a winder to wear the hell out of the gears.
  3. The dial on my blue aquanaut is missing "Swiss Made" at the 6 hour marker is that normal for the reps? otherwise everything is spot on.
  4. I have the blue aquanaut jumbo with a blue rubber strap I want to get a nautilus bracelet and put it on this watch anybody know where I can get one?
  5. I bought a blue one and the "Swiss Made" is missing at the 6 hour marker but other than that its perfect. Also the glow in the dark stick markers to not have the white gold border around them like the original.
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  7. I'm after all the major dimensions (especially stem height) for the genuine cal 8500. I have a planet ocean 8500 NOS case (reference and the earlier dial and hands to fit the cal 2500. I'm going to make a Frankenwatch with a omega 1120 or 2500 omega coaxial movement in the later 8500 case. So stem height I think is my (main) issue Any help much appreciated!
  8. Where can you buy this?
  9. I am looking to purchase a rolex milgause high end super replica what site do you recommend and which factory noob or JF?
  10. Hi I am looking to purchase a high quality rolex milgause replica and want to know what movement etc. you recommend and a site I could purchase from.. Thanks
  11. looking to buy a Rolex president! Please let me know if you have any for sale or where to look !
  12. Where did you get the case from !
  13. So I'm new to this site and all in really wondering is what rolex replicas are the best you can get right now, and where you can get them. I've heard about Noob but I'm now realising that there are numerous different factories with different,/ but minute qualities between their watches
  14. Hi, I'm new, i am shopping around for as mid priced Rolex Daytona model 116509. Any good trusted sites? Don't want to end up with garbage. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi people, I'm new to rw, I have owned a few replicas in the past of Rolex submariner, I am looking for one again now but really want more quality than the last ones offered. I'm after a submariner with black face in PVD, any suggestions on what to look for or what to avoid completely? My name's Tony, live in south of Spain, moved here from UK a few years back. So yeah hello all.
  16. Asian Eta 2824-2 Automatic Movement, 25J, 28800bph. The watch runs great but hand winding to stem feels gritty. Is this normal or should it be cleaned?
  17. Looking for a explorer 2 old style 40mm case rep. From what I have read, they all have shortcomings. Either dial is not the same white as gen, hand set incorrect etc. What is the best rep available and how close to gen are they?
  18. planning to get the same 36mm yG day date. how has the gold on your piece been holding up
  19. Anyone know any sellers that may have this watch or have the abilities to get a good replica? been looking everywhere and have found no luck. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  20. RM-011 Romain Grosjean, usually, I find the carbon watches not very serious. This one is very serious and very appealing. An aerial movement which fully matches the white case. http://watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Replica-Richard-Mille-RM-011-Romain-Grosjean-quotLotus-F1quot-Skeleton-Dial-NTPT-Carbon-on-Strap/7a7ca5e44bbe6d073e147df7accb9243
  21. drgn7

    noob v9 servicing

    Hi guys, I am new to this site so would appreciate your help! Where do I service a noob V9 rolex watch in Australia if I purchase it from Ryan? Can I just go to a Rolex store? Or will they confiscate the replica? How often does a replica watch need servicing and where do I send it for repairs? Cheers!
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