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    • Just subscribe their email, sometimes they will send you exclusive promo codes. http://www.kuvarsitwatch.cz/ http://www.mowatches.to/ http://www.e-efore.cn/   Offer ends November 25th, 2017 http://www.finewatch.eu/
    • This is a video review of Breitling Colt replica.  Here is the gen: The rep is amazingly close to the gen. On to the video: http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Breitling-Colt-Automatic-Black-Dial-With-Steel-Strap/99765c79cfe6debfd6ff284383142530 This is the piece in full stainless steel, black dial, luminous hands and markers, rotating bezel. To be frank, I don't know anything about Breitling, other than the correct pronunciation. But after looking at pics of the gen I
      decided this was close enough to the real thing to actually spring for it. So, since I am uneducated as to the ins & outs of the
      Colt, I'll just let the video do most of the speaking. All in all, that's pretty much it. I've also worried about the look of this piece on a smaller wrist, but this watch (as the cliche'
      goes) truly does disappear on the wrist. Even being a 44mm, it doesn't feel much bigger than the DSSD - which up to last
      week, was the largest profile watch I owned. The bracelet is also quite comfortable - more so than even the leather strap. Anyway, hoped you liked this video review, and feel free to educate me with the Breitling trivia (so I don't sound like a fool if
      someone asks me about this piece).
    • Just got this today from hello-rolex.me, so I'll do a quick review of my first impressions. First of all, the Blancpain Hundred Hours replica watch is beautiful. My first impression was more positive than any other rep I've received. It has a very neo-vintage look, with the military dial, lack of a bezel, slightly domed crystal, lug holes, slight lugs, and ultra slim case. The case really does appear as slim as the gen (very!); it's one of the aspects that attracted me to this model. Perfect for a smaller wrist like mine, but with a dial that goes to the edge of the case and no bezel, it looks larger. Combined with the curved lugs, it melts into the wrist.  The time and date set fine, but the hand winding remains engaged when setting the date. Not sure if this is due to the crown or stem... but anyway it doesn't cause any issue. The crown actually DOES protrude a bit when screwed down; it's due to the shape of the crown. The inner edge of the crown tapers into a little cylinder-shape, and this part is what makes it stick out. Actually, when looking at the Blancpain Hundred Hours watch from the back, it looks like this part of the crown bumps into the crown guard, stopping it from screwing all the way flush with the case. Maybe it can be filed down by a skilled modder. The crystal is slightly domed and works very well with this watch. It feels very thick and has a great layer of AR coating, making it disappear on a lot of angles. The dial is a work of art on this, and is the highest quality aspect of the watch. It alternates between a high gloss finish (on the seconds track), then radial lines where the numerals are, then glossy again in the centre. It was hard to capture in the photos. The beveled edge of the date window is also done to a high standard. The contrast between the bright white numerals and the liquid black ink dial is truly striking, especially through the AR crystal. Dial printing looks very crisp. The bracelet looks excellent and seems to be built to gen style construction, with the links attached with a multiple screw and tube system. The end links are not so flush with the case though, and the bracelet could benefit from being oiled, as it's a bit squeaky/rattly. Also the inside of the clasp mechanism has a rough finish in one section, and the clasp lacks the satisfying 'snap' of the Miyota 9015 Automatic movement (AAAF factory) I had. Maybe others can speak about the bracelet, as it could just be QC issues.
    • Hello fellow nerds!
      I just got my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean  "best edition" from Hello-Rolex. 
      Boy am I a happy phucka! 
      These are my impressions, followed by video. (Will add more detailed pics tomorrow) http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Swiss-High-Quality-Replica-Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-600m-42-MM-Steel-On-Orange-Rubber-Strap/029896b813d416f19792635361697b34 The watch is perfect in size and dimension as far as I can tell. My sample showed. I set it to my iPhone and it is keeping identical time for the last hour now!
      The crown screws down TIGHT and going through the positions is almost as smooth as on my BK Sub. 
      Also, it winds like butter (thanks ETA, inside the watch is a clone 8500 movement). 
      Hands look good and has smooth sweep. 
      All hour indices are correct and have paint/lume applied perfectly. (Either I got the best sample from the JH factory EVER, or they're just that good). 
      The bezel is great shade of orange like the gen. Seems to be near identical, although I believe the gen may be painted in to a deeper setting in the aluminum. 
      Stay away from watch nerds with loops, or high resolution photo apps and you'll never get called out. 
      It's even hefty like the gen (with no bracelet on!) I.e. Mine is on Nato and still heavy.
    • Hello guys! Just wondering what you guys think which replica watches is missing in my box? I have 4 more replica watches to go for before this box is full. Please give me some advices . Thank you!
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