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    • Yes, it is totally worth buying Replica Watches if you dont want to spend alot of money, there are dealers n online sites that provide Replica Watches Online with the same quality as the ones in the showroom, you can easily flaunt in your friend circle without them knowing its a replica, You can visit this site for the Best Quality Replica Watches India  Below is the image of the quality of the watch you would get.
    • I am looking for a dial and hands  Rolex 116613 black dial yellow gold 2 tone. Is there a website or link? 2836 mvt  of noob or AR,GM,VR,JF or goog factory
    • The name's Evan, you can call me Ev. Became more of a watch enthusiast several years ago. I've learned some things here and there and friends I make who share the same passion is also worth the hobby. Lots of nice people to be found in watch collecting and willing to help and educate in watch collecting. Looking forward to years to come being a part of this community. I like to travel, and I'm an artist. I'm interested in anything related. Feel free to shoot messages and chat about it. My collection is growing, and I'm at the point where I need to buy a box to hold all my watches. If anybody knows where I can get one let me know, thanks. 
    • If you buy a replica from noob factory which is one of the best replica builders you won't see any difference. Even the laser logo at the 6 o clock position is there. Fot this ultimate AAA+ version you have to pay 400-600 USD, but it's every penny worth. I have my GMT Master 2 since 2 years now and there is no scratch or something other issue. There is only one difference between a original Rolex and a replica. One is made in Switzerland and the other made in China - That's all
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