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  3. Panerai PCYC

    Perhaps there is no white dial in the replica market now
  4. Rob

    paybestwatch is a quite good site
  5. Earlier
  6. Rob

    Hi can anyone recommend me a good quality replica watch site please as been ripped off so many times. Thanks rob
  7. Panerai PCYC

    Hi all, I am looking for a Panerai PCYC replica. Preferably with the white dial. The number is PAM00654 I normally source from TTW. But he does not have and I am having a hard time finding anything on the interwebs. The watch always shows up in search but never on the sites themselves. I also dont trust all the sites out there. Would love a recommendation, or if you've found one, can source one let me know. Happy to send a beer money finders fee, lol. Thanks!
  8. https://imgur.com/a/TldRx#bU1J7sQ
  9. QC Ar Rolex datejust juville

  10. Hello from Vegas

    Just joined today and have some reading to do. I rarely say anything (like silent Bob) but when i do its usually funny.
  11. New ZF Blancpain

    Hello everyone. I am still new to the rep community. I am thinking to buy the new BP FF from ZF and I was looking to do in www.pf-828.com... before I was looking for reviews and all in find was 50% scam and 50% excellent (!?) btw, all the reviews were from 2010 to 2014/5, Some one here bought from them recently? Is PC a trusted vendor? Thanks in advance for your help, Robert
  12. Hey, Looking for a good TD to order my first online Rolex Submariner from. Hope you can help, I'm very new to this game.

  13. What exactly is the weak point of the SA3135?

    Funny I just happened on this thread, but most if not all my Asian movements, one in particular a noob sub with a a2824 I had serviced by a real watch smith, not a board hobbyist, told me when disassembling the movement it looked to him like it was assembled by a Blacksmith in a sand storm. 😎
  14. My new seamaster aqua terra

    hello with this new arrival to my collection http://watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Omega-Seamaster-Aqua-Terra-Co-Axial-Chronometer-Red-Gold-Replica-Watch/d8e92dd8a82cf5924d13d170e6414e0f
  15. Just wanted to introduce myself here and say I have gained so much knowledge the last couple weeks reading on these forums, There is still a lot for me to learn though. Any how glad to be here
  16. NOOB - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Orange SW ETA 2836

    Ever get an answer to your questions? I am in the same boat. About to get my first PO and I would like it to be really good.
  17. Just Completed 5513 with Yuki Dial

    Hi your dial seem matte, but on yuki website he say gloss http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/8677972/9766064.htm paese can you confirm is your dial is matte ? tks!
  18. BP ETA 2836 Rolex Day Date 36mm Video

    How is the watch holding up? I just ordered mine..
  19. Find the best br03-92 AETOGT rep

    I'm looking for a br03-92 AETOGT rep. Where can I find the version closer to the truth? what differences are there with the real version?
  20. Noob V7 problem

    Heared that before, can be the magnetic energy in your body, some people have that more then others, or when you work on your laptop....
  21. yeah, it's a long time to wait
  22. First presented during Baselworld 2005, the world-famous international watch and jewelry show, the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon replica watch is a perfect illustration of the concept of fusion. For people that don't know, the initial Classic Fusion to get launched in 2005 was the Classic Fusion Ceramic, which quickly increased to get the flagship and signature be careful for Hublot. Well, 10 years have passed and perhaps around the 100 different limited models -just speculating- are actually presented ever since then. One of these brilliant three new exclusive edition replica watches just released the 2009 week at Baselworld 2015 could be the new Hublot Classic fusion Tourbillon watches replicas. Ref.302.CI.134.RX In Monsieur Jean-Claude Biver's words: "Nothing might be born without advisable.Inch His smart decision showed up 2005, because he developed the name "Classic Fusion" based on an idea the central art of fusion, the blending of objects and materials which never appear together under normal conditions, for example rubber and gold. The prior is collected in the tree, the 2nd found from inside our world. Once they never normally appear together, the Classic Fusion combines these items in the striking contrast which appears to produce together past and future. Having its 70 components, the Hublot Classic fusion skeleton Tourbilon Replica embodies the thought of luxury, distinguishing itself via numerous subtle improvements.
  23. Hey glad to see someone finally reviewing these folks. Recent personal experience confirms the do what they say. Personal touch attention and on time delivery of exactly what they claim. A breath of fresh air in the rep watch industry only problem now is the Chinese New Year holiday that lasts three weeks other than that they will get all of my business from now on!
  24. Hi. I'm looking for the best replica/franken price up to 3000usd. Where can I get the best one? https://chazingtime.co/product/royal-oak-41mm-15400-rg-jf-11-best-edition-blue-dial-rg-bracelet-a3120/ https://chazingtime.co/product/royal-oak-41mm-complicated-26574-rg-jf-11-best-edition-blue-textured-dial-rg-bracelet-a5134/ Been looking at these but they are very cheap are they good? best regards
  25. active lookers? im about to post a video
  26. IWC Ingenieur datewheel font

    I know it's an old thread, but did anyone actually have an hi-res image of this 3227 datewheel they can post here or send to me??
  27. Geertings from the UK

    Hi all, Used to be a member of RWG years ago. Decided to get back into it and signed up yesterday. Mostly looking forward to the Panerai discussion. Cheers Mark
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