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  2. Just Completed 5513 with Yuki Dial

    Hi your dial seem matte, but on yuki website he say gloss http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/8677972/9766064.htm paese can you confirm is your dial is matte ? tks!
  3. BP ETA 2836 Rolex Day Date 36mm Video

    How is the watch holding up? I just ordered mine..
  4. Earlier
  5. Find the best br03-92 AETOGT rep

    I'm looking for a br03-92 AETOGT rep. Where can I find the version closer to the truth? what differences are there with the real version?
  6. Noob V7 problem

    Heared that before, can be the magnetic energy in your body, some people have that more then others, or when you work on your laptop....
  7. yeah, it's a long time to wait
  8. First presented during Baselworld 2005, the world-famous international watch and jewelry show, the Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon replica watch is a perfect illustration of the concept of fusion. For people that don't know, the initial Classic Fusion to get launched in 2005 was the Classic Fusion Ceramic, which quickly increased to get the flagship and signature be careful for Hublot. Well, 10 years have passed and perhaps around the 100 different limited models -just speculating- are actually presented ever since then. One of these brilliant three new exclusive edition replica watches just released the 2009 week at Baselworld 2015 could be the new Hublot Classic fusion Tourbillon watches replicas. Ref.302.CI.134.RX In Monsieur Jean-Claude Biver's words: "Nothing might be born without advisable.Inch His smart decision showed up 2005, because he developed the name "Classic Fusion" based on an idea the central art of fusion, the blending of objects and materials which never appear together under normal conditions, for example rubber and gold. The prior is collected in the tree, the 2nd found from inside our world. Once they never normally appear together, the Classic Fusion combines these items in the striking contrast which appears to produce together past and future. Having its 70 components, the Hublot Classic fusion skeleton Tourbilon Replica embodies the thought of luxury, distinguishing itself via numerous subtle improvements.
  9. Hey glad to see someone finally reviewing these folks. Recent personal experience confirms the do what they say. Personal touch attention and on time delivery of exactly what they claim. A breath of fresh air in the rep watch industry only problem now is the Chinese New Year holiday that lasts three weeks other than that they will get all of my business from now on!
  10. Hi. I'm looking for the best replica/franken price up to 3000usd. Where can I get the best one? https://chazingtime.co/product/royal-oak-41mm-15400-rg-jf-11-best-edition-blue-dial-rg-bracelet-a3120/ https://chazingtime.co/product/royal-oak-41mm-complicated-26574-rg-jf-11-best-edition-blue-textured-dial-rg-bracelet-a5134/ Been looking at these but they are very cheap are they good? best regards
  11. active lookers? im about to post a video
  12. IWC Ingenieur datewheel font

    I know it's an old thread, but did anyone actually have an hi-res image of this 3227 datewheel they can post here or send to me??
  13. Geertings from the UK

    Hi all, Used to be a member of RWG years ago. Decided to get back into it and signed up yesterday. Mostly looking forward to the Panerai discussion. Cheers Mark
  14. Noob V7 problem

    Hi, This is my very first post on watches. I just bought a Noob V7 with SA3135 movement for $420 and I think it has a problem. The time keeps getting behind, but not all the time. For example when I leave it on the table it tells the time perfectly even after 2 days; when I wear it works perfectly but sometimes it gets behind. Maybe the movement is not calibrated good inside the case and it touches the case when my hands move? Its very strange. As I mentioned before Im new to replicas so some advise will be much appreciated. Thank you, Tedi
  15. Video Review: YF Chukker Bang

    It arrived a few days ago. Everytime I open a the China-package for my replica I expect it to be like 0,5 m big after been zooming in on all the reference prics, QC-pics and so on the computer screen. And when it finally comes out of the plastic wrapped around it looks so tiny :) And all the small "bad" details that I was affraid of wasn't even visible for the human eye :) I don't own the gen unfortunately so I can't compare them but I have been watching A LOT of pics, Youtube-videos and have seen it in real life many times and this is rep is amazing! I've probably spent more money on reps than what the gen Big Bang costs. I've only got 6 reps left in the collection and this one is my absolute favorite. You guys have given me a lot of knowlege here so I thought I would give you a litte something back, for what it's worth... Also you are friendly here unlike one other forum where members screams. So thank you for that :) Finally, let's see the video. http://watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Hublot-Big-Bang-Limited-Edition-Chukker-Bang-Titanium-Watch-Review/efccc7ed1ad0c4ea148c7e62545df3ca
  16. Hello From Virginia

    Hello everyone. I am still new to the rep community. I have just purchased a Noob V7 SubC from Chazingtime time. Lots of good info here.
  17. https://luxuryreplica.ee

    I just bought a watch from Nick. It was ROLEX DAYTONA SWISS AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT - MOP WHITE DIAL - BROWN LEATHER STRAP - CRYSTAL CRESTED BEZEL. link provided. https://luxuryreplica.ee Paid Nick $860 for this watch on the website though PayPal. He gave me a tracking ID, i was tracking the package only to find the package was a invoice letter and not the watch. How shifty This watch is $860 am 100% going though PayPal for this dispute. Why should I pay $860 for an invoice letter when he can email it to me. SCAM I believe he works with a gang in Chinese guys selling similar products on other websites such as https://www.towersoft.com.au. My note to everyone do you research and question the seller before you buy from people like these guys. for now stay away from these guys unless you like to lose your hard earned money.
  18. What a classic vintage look that exudes from this 1960’s ZENITH automatic watches! The 42 mm. sparkling, signed, ZENITH screw back case gleams as if it were new! I love the look of the narrow bezel against the full size (original) silver dial, having offset date, steel baton markers and matching hands. It is so minor to mention, but there is some fading in the wording “SWISS MADE” at the bottom…barely visible, not detracting… the dial is otherwise spectacular! http://www.watchvideo.co/category/video/Best-Quality-Zenith-Elite-6150-Silver-Dial-Black-Leather-Replica-Watch/ddab721be30e926a159b6bfdadf2af33/24 The Citizen 9015 automatic, rotor winding ZENITH movement is of very high caliber, cleaned, accurate and ready to tick away for years to come! The offset date is a very desirable feature, adding to this watch’s collectability. You will really love the clean and classic look this watch brings to your wrist. Zenith is simply one of the highest quality and best SWISS watch manufacturers in the world… many of their new watches selling in the “thousands of dollars”!
  19. Hello from Florida.

    Welcome back!
  20. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel reference 79730 divers watch replica was introduced at Baselworld 2017, Beautifully thought out, the Black Bay Steel is now available in a new all-steel version with a brushed steel bezel insert. It comes in the classic 41mm case but for the first time. The Heritage Black Bay Steel replica model also brings a date window at the position of 3 o'clock. It’s got everything else we already love from other best fake Tudor Black Bays such as its matte black domed dial with dot and dagger lume plots as well as the shield logo right above the signature and the sapphire crystal. The steel screw-down winding crown, with the TUDOR rose engraved and lacquered in black, with black anodised aluminium winding crown tube. Beating at the heart of this Tudor copy watch is a high-performance Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement, with 70-hour power reserve, a wearer can take off the watch on Friday evening and put it back on again on Monday morning without having to re-set and wind it. More evidently convenient to the wearer are its three-day power reserve, and date mechanism that allows setting at any time, even midnight.
  21. Hello from Florida.

    Hello everyone. I was a member here several years back but haven’t been around for a while. Joined back up today. Glad to be back. I’ve been looking for the FAQ, I’m looking to buy a few watches to get back into this stuff. Nothing in the M2M section. I’m assuming i have to do something before I have access to it. Any help?
  22. Dealer Clocks Rolex Daytona

    Hi new here. I have ordered but not received yet a Rolex Daytona 116500LN from Dealer Clocks. It has an ETA 7750 movement. Can someone please tell me if the watches they sell are good quality? It looks nice in the pictures. Thanks
  23. Dealer Clocks Daytona

    ETA 7750. Description say it also has the etched crown on the crystal at the 6 o’clock position.
  24. Dealer Clocks Daytona

    what's the movement about this watch
  25. Dealer Clocks Daytona

    Hello new here. I recently bought but haven’t received it yet a Rolex Daytona 116500LN from Dealer Clocks. Can you tell me if they sell nice replicas? It was $458.
  26. spare parts for replica watch

    a site that sell many kinds of replica watches
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