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  2. Crowlex


    looking to buy a Rolex president! Please let me know if you have any for sale or where to look !
  3. Crowlex

    My Day Date Franken build

    Where did you get the case from !
  4. SuperMcgman

    Beginner Guide and Help

    So I'm new to this site and all in really wondering is what rolex replicas are the best you can get right now, and where you can get them. I've heard about Noob but I'm now realising that there are numerous different factories with different,/ but minute qualities between their watches
  5. Tony5haw2013

    Looking for a Rolex Daytona rep

    Hi, I'm new, i am shopping around for as mid priced Rolex Daytona model 116509. Any good trusted sites? Don't want to end up with garbage. Any suggestions?
  6. Tony5haw2013


    Hi people, I'm new to rw, I have owned a few replicas in the past of Rolex submariner, I am looking for one again now but really want more quality than the last ones offered. I'm after a submariner with black face in PVD, any suggestions on what to look for or what to avoid completely? My name's Tony, live in south of Spain, moved here from UK a few years back. So yeah hello all.
  7. gar4

    Gritty feel while had winding

    Asian Eta 2824-2 Automatic Movement, 25J, 28800bph. The watch runs great but hand winding to stem feels gritty. Is this normal or should it be cleaned?
  8. gar4

    Explorer 2.........40mm

    Looking for a explorer 2 old style 40mm case rep. From what I have read, they all have shortcomings. Either dial is not the same white as gen, hand set incorrect etc. What is the best rep available and how close to gen are they?
  9. rssin23

    BP ETA 2836 Rolex Day Date 36mm Video

    planning to get the same 36mm yG day date. how has the gold on your piece been holding up
  10. Anyone know any sellers that may have this watch or have the abilities to get a good replica? been looking everywhere and have found no luck. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. RM-011 Romain Grosjean, usually, I find the carbon watches not very serious. This one is very serious and very appealing. An aerial movement which fully matches the white case. http://watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Replica-Richard-Mille-RM-011-Romain-Grosjean-quotLotus-F1quot-Skeleton-Dial-NTPT-Carbon-on-Strap/7a7ca5e44bbe6d073e147df7accb9243
  12. drgn7

    noob v9 servicing

    Hi guys, I am new to this site so would appreciate your help! Where do I service a noob V9 rolex watch in Australia if I purchase it from Ryan? Can I just go to a Rolex store? Or will they confiscate the replica? How often does a replica watch need servicing and where do I send it for repairs? Cheers!
  13. 4mellersour

    Panerai PCYC

    Perhaps there is no white dial in the replica market now
  14. 4mellersour


    paybestwatch is a quite good site
  15. rob ranger


    Hi can anyone recommend me a good quality replica watch site please as been ripped off so many times. Thanks rob
  16. panerai007

    Panerai PCYC

    Hi all, I am looking for a Panerai PCYC replica. Preferably with the white dial. The number is PAM00654 I normally source from TTW. But he does not have and I am having a hard time finding anything on the interwebs. The watch always shows up in search but never on the sites themselves. I also dont trust all the sites out there. Would love a recommendation, or if you've found one, can source one let me know. Happy to send a beer money finders fee, lol. Thanks!
  17. https://imgur.com/a/TldRx#bU1J7sQ
  18. dayvid14

    QC Ar Rolex datejust juville

  19. Eric53

    Hello from Vegas

    Just joined today and have some reading to do. I rarely say anything (like silent Bob) but when i do its usually funny.
  20. Robert

    New ZF Blancpain

    Hello everyone. I am still new to the rep community. I am thinking to buy the new BP FF from ZF and I was looking to do in www.pf-828.com... before I was looking for reviews and all in find was 50% scam and 50% excellent (!?) btw, all the reviews were from 2010 to 2014/5, Some one here bought from them recently? Is PC a trusted vendor? Thanks in advance for your help, Robert
  21. Hey, Looking for a good TD to order my first online Rolex Submariner from. Hope you can help, I'm very new to this game.

  22. alfa1

    What exactly is the weak point of the SA3135?

    Funny I just happened on this thread, but most if not all my Asian movements, one in particular a noob sub with a a2824 I had serviced by a real watch smith, not a board hobbyist, told me when disassembling the movement it looked to him like it was assembled by a Blacksmith in a sand storm. ?
  23. 4mellersour

    My new seamaster aqua terra

    hello with this new arrival to my collection http://watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Omega-Seamaster-Aqua-Terra-Co-Axial-Chronometer-Red-Gold-Replica-Watch/d8e92dd8a82cf5924d13d170e6414e0f
  24. Just wanted to introduce myself here and say I have gained so much knowledge the last couple weeks reading on these forums, There is still a lot for me to learn though. Any how glad to be here
  25. dragon_sage

    NOOB - Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Orange SW ETA 2836

    Ever get an answer to your questions? I am in the same boat. About to get my first PO and I would like it to be really good.
  26. Dan71

    Just Completed 5513 with Yuki Dial

    Hi your dial seem matte, but on yuki website he say gloss http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/8677972/9766064.htm paese can you confirm is your dial is matte ? tks!
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