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  2. I've Discovered Some Black Friday Coupons

    Just subscribe their email, sometimes they will send you exclusive promo codes. http://www.kuvarsitwatch.cz/ http://www.mowatches.to/ http://www.e-efore.cn/ Offer ends November 25th, 2017 http://www.finewatch.eu/
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  4. This is a video review of Breitling Colt replica. Here is the gen: The rep is amazingly close to the gen. On to the video: http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Swiss-Replica-Breitling-Colt-Automatic-Black-Dial-With-Steel-Strap/99765c79cfe6debfd6ff284383142530 This is the piece in full stainless steel, black dial, luminous hands and markers, rotating bezel. To be frank, I don't know anything about Breitling, other than the correct pronunciation. But after looking at pics of the gen I decided this was close enough to the real thing to actually spring for it. So, since I am uneducated as to the ins & outs of the Colt, I'll just let the video do most of the speaking. All in all, that's pretty much it. I've also worried about the look of this piece on a smaller wrist, but this watch (as the cliche' goes) truly does disappear on the wrist. Even being a 44mm, it doesn't feel much bigger than the DSSD - which up to last week, was the largest profile watch I owned. The bracelet is also quite comfortable - more so than even the leather strap. Anyway, hoped you liked this video review, and feel free to educate me with the Breitling trivia (so I don't sound like a fool if someone asks me about this piece).
  5. Just got this today from hello-rolex.me, so I'll do a quick review of my first impressions. First of all, the Blancpain Hundred Hours replica watch is beautiful. My first impression was more positive than any other rep I've received. It has a very neo-vintage look, with the military dial, lack of a bezel, slightly domed crystal, lug holes, slight lugs, and ultra slim case. The case really does appear as slim as the gen (very!); it's one of the aspects that attracted me to this model. Perfect for a smaller wrist like mine, but with a dial that goes to the edge of the case and no bezel, it looks larger. Combined with the curved lugs, it melts into the wrist. The time and date set fine, but the hand winding remains engaged when setting the date. Not sure if this is due to the crown or stem... but anyway it doesn't cause any issue. The crown actually DOES protrude a bit when screwed down; it's due to the shape of the crown. The inner edge of the crown tapers into a little cylinder-shape, and this part is what makes it stick out. Actually, when looking at the Blancpain Hundred Hours watch from the back, it looks like this part of the crown bumps into the crown guard, stopping it from screwing all the way flush with the case. Maybe it can be filed down by a skilled modder. The crystal is slightly domed and works very well with this watch. It feels very thick and has a great layer of AR coating, making it disappear on a lot of angles. The dial is a work of art on this, and is the highest quality aspect of the watch. It alternates between a high gloss finish (on the seconds track), then radial lines where the numerals are, then glossy again in the centre. It was hard to capture in the photos. The beveled edge of the date window is also done to a high standard. The contrast between the bright white numerals and the liquid black ink dial is truly striking, especially through the AR crystal. Dial printing looks very crisp. The bracelet looks excellent and seems to be built to gen style construction, with the links attached with a multiple screw and tube system. The end links are not so flush with the case though, and the bracelet could benefit from being oiled, as it's a bit squeaky/rattly. Also the inside of the clasp mechanism has a rough finish in one section, and the clasp lacks the satisfying 'snap' of the Miyota 9015 Automatic movement (AAAF factory) I had. Maybe others can speak about the bracelet, as it could just be QC issues.
  6. Hello fellow nerds! I just got my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean "best edition" from Hello-Rolex. Boy am I a happy phucka! These are my impressions, followed by video. (Will add more detailed pics tomorrow) http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Swiss-High-Quality-Replica-Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-600m-42-MM-Steel-On-Orange-Rubber-Strap/029896b813d416f19792635361697b34 The watch is perfect in size and dimension as far as I can tell. My sample showed. I set it to my iPhone and it is keeping identical time for the last hour now! The crown screws down TIGHT and going through the positions is almost as smooth as on my BK Sub. Also, it winds like butter (thanks ETA, inside the watch is a clone 8500 movement). Hands look good and has smooth sweep. All hour indices are correct and have paint/lume applied perfectly. (Either I got the best sample from the JH factory EVER, or they're just that good). The bezel is great shade of orange like the gen. Seems to be near identical, although I believe the gen may be painted in to a deeper setting in the aluminum. Stay away from watch nerds with loops, or high resolution photo apps and you'll never get called out. It's even hefty like the gen (with no bracelet on!) I.e. Mine is on Nato and still heavy.
  7. Which watch should be my next buy?

    Hello guys! Just wondering what you guys think which replica watches is missing in my box? I have 4 more replica watches to go for before this box is full. Please give me some advices . Thank you!
  8. EF Factory AP RO Frosted Gold

    The launch of rep RO frosted gold from EF somehow went with very little attention around here. I would dare to say that this rep is somehow (unjustly) neglected. So, to try and correct this I decided to give it some attention. I got this last week, not expecting very much, but really interested in the froste gold. And, I must say, this kind of rose gold really work fantastically on this watch. Frosted gold is incredible and looks better than polished gold to me, it looks like a full diamond watch, so luxury. Only the polished, beveled edges of the bracelet links offer contrast to make the frosting pop. Needles to say, inside movement is a clone AP 3120 movement. Enough talk, lets see the glamour video of this watch: http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Quality-AAA-Swiss-Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Frosted-Rose-Gold-41mm-Replica-Watch-Review/3f55a8f257598568423caaad6e80bdd0
  9. I just received this beauty yesterday from OK-Replica. First, here is the video http://www.watchvideo.co/video/High-Quality-Replica-Rolex-Yacht-Master-40-116655-Online-Review/e3a98174abd7c39188f62763f6cc03a8 I hope you will enjoy, the same way I did ! It's 40 mm diameter, the perfect size for my wrist. It has a sapphire crystal on top. The only test I know to check if the glass is actually sapphire is the water drop test. And here it works. So I guess that this is truely a sapphire dressed watch. It's also supposed to have a thick rose gold plating. Impossible to check. What is obvious is that it looks different from my other rose gold tone watches. I would say darker, or "colder". It really reflects everything like a mirror. The strap which came with the watch is very standard and comfortable.
  10. Just got this today from hello-rolex, so I'll do a quick review of my first impressions. First of all, the watch is beautiful. My first impression was more positive than any other rep I've received. It has a very masculine look, with the chronograph dial, a ceramic bezel, slightly domed crystal, lug holes, slight lugs, and PVD case. The case really does appear like the gen (very!); it's one of the aspects that attracted me to this model. Combined with the curved lugs, it melts into the wrist. Perfect for a smaller wrist like mine. The time and chronograph subdials set fine. The bracelet looks excellent and seems to be built to gen style construction, with the links attached with a multiple screw and tube system. The end links are not so flush with the case though, and the bracelet could benefit from being oiled, as it's a bit squeaky/rattly. The crystal is slightly domed and works very well with this watch. It feels very thick and has a great layer of AR coating, making it disappear on a lot of angles. Overall, highly recommended. It's really refreshing to have a fairly sporty watch in this size. Especially one this nice. Now, on to the video (click the link and see it)! http://www.watchvideo.co/video/11-High-Quality-Replica-Rolex-Daytona-Les-Artisans-De-Geneve-amp-Kravitz-Design-LK-01-Customized/3cfb4de04064bd78d4ae7b17d1d2806e
  11. Hello, Been lurking for awhile here, reviewing TDs, reading posts by @smoke and @tickleshoes and a few others. Seems like a good community of people overall. I was originally attracted by a youtube video and discovered the noob v7 sub. Then I switched lust for a no date and now I'm settled on a Oyster Perpetual 114300 dark rhodium. To be honest, I'm having a really difficult time deciding between factories and movements. BC or JF A2824 or SH3132 (SA3132 too problematic from what I gather) We can even throw Noob back in the mix and AR is yet another factory. Its going to be my daily runner. I have dreams/delusions of servicing the movement myself, but realize it's a huge time/tool asset investment. Learning all the terms like Minute pinions, barrel bridges and Balance bridges appeals to me. Just don't want to end up with a money pit. Don't mind spending ~$400 on a watch and $200 on a service if I end up with something that could last a few years. This is just a stream of consciousness of what I've gathered so far, no firm judgements. My mind is open. -COMPLETE
  12. AAAF Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar

    I received this watch about a week back and I must say that I am happy with the purchase, and impressed with the build and quality of the watch. First off, one thing which you would notice immediately when handling the watch is that it comes with a very wearable strap. It just wears more comfortably for me. The deployment buckle finish is reasonable, not superb in my opinion. But no egregious or unforgivable flaw either. The entire dial is viewed through the single AR crystal. The crystal is accurate to gen, though many owners opt for the double AR treatment. I would say that this is unnecessary. The AAA factory crystal is colorless and has remarkable clarity. From some angles, the crystal can vanish from sight like it has double AR. Turn the watch over, and the see-through caseback gives the watch away with the Miyota 9015 automatic movement exposed. The rep is a very nice and good replication until you get a gen next to it. Then the flaws stand out but mostly the fit and finish is obviously lacking.
  13. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/11-High-Quality-Replica-Rolex-Daytona-Les-Artisans-De-Geneve-amp-Kravitz-Design-LK-01-Customized/3cfb4de04064bd78d4ae7b17d1d2806e This replica Rolex Daytona reference 116523 is the previous generation Rolex Daytona that first came out in 2000. The 40mm-wide watch runs on the Clone Rolex calibre 4130 automatic movement that gets a 72-hour power reserve. This remains unchanged in the Les Artisans De Genève X Kravitz Design LK 01 Rolex Daytona watch, but now let’s get into exactly what is changed from the original model. The modifications that Kravitz and Les Artisans de Genève have made include a black DLC treatment on the case, as well as a new handmade bakelite golden bezel. On the black dial, you’ll notice the “KRAVITZ DESIGN,” adding to the already ample text as well as the red seconds hand matching the “DAYTONA” text color. Now, while the movement is still the Clone Rolex 4130 automatic movement, it has been totally blacked out and made visible through an exhibition case back. To accent the black, you’ll see the 22-carat gold rotor and text on both the movement and case back. I think it just looks very, very cool, and I’m sure hands on images will reveal more about the execution.
  14. As promised, here is a video review of the Basel 2017 Rolex Sea Dweller. I got it from Daniel and it is the Asian 2836. First of all - for the nitpickers - WARNING! The subdials are not 100% correct on this model. If you are offended by the subdial misplacement and you think the one other human being in this world that you will ever meet that will have the exact same model and will recognize the flaw, STOP and click "Back". Ok now click the link to see the video. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Best-Quality-Replica-Rolex-Sea-Dweller-4000m-Watch-40mm-Mens-SS-Black-Ceramic/9563292fe32f73ef77f3b00ab910560c The watch weighs light! Much lighter than my SS banded 41mm Datejust. It has single sided AR on real saphire glass. Overall the model is very close to the gen. The dimensions are right on, the bolts, and fit and finish is very high quality. Here's the gen pic. Otherwise, its perfect. The lume is decent for a rep and the dial, weight and feel is fantastic. The engraving in the back is spot on also: Overall, a highly recommended model that I know I will enjoy for a long time. Thanks Daniel!
  15. I always look to see what others are sporting on their wrists, rarely is it ever a watch I am interested. Recently though I've been treated with a few nice surprises. http://www.watchvideo.co/category/video/Rolex-Submariner-Green-Steel-Mens-116610LV-replica-watch/a60773bf0816276813702b4fe8836f97/22 Last week at basketball court I spotted a fellow student wearing a green ceramic Rolex Submariner as he walked past me. I didn't get a close enough look to see if it was real or not, but I presume based on his socioeconomic status it may have been. That same afternoon as I walked into the university to run an errand there was a camera man and a reporter doing a story out front. I noticed the camera man's watch, but it couldn't possibly be what I thought it was. On my way out as I past them by again I couldn't help myself , so I got creepy close to him and looked at his watch. It was in fact an Rolex Submariner watch, the exact watch I had on my wrist that day. I put my wrist next to his and smiled. He seemed equally pleasantly surprised as I was. Rolex Submariner Date green dial Oyster bracelet 116610LV with a Steel/Ceramic case, Steel strap, green/ indexes dial and Clone Rolex 3135 Automatic movement. This Rolex features a solid caseback.
  16. Hello from MICHIGAN

    Hello glad to find another great spot to discuss this hobby! Currently just a collector and admire all the hard work and skill put into builds.
  17. Hi all, Hereby some pictures of my "grail watch". My Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 with blue dial. Enjoy! We've shown you the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo, the watch the harkens back to 1972, but in this post we explain you the other Royal Oaks that you need to know. This Blue Dial Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch feature Clone AP Calibre 3120 Automatic movement and are absolutely perfect for daily wear. Below, we show you live pictures of all the new releases. \
  18. I just received Omega Speedmaster Snoopy - the one from E-factory, from ok-replicas (this is exactly the same watch they used as QC photos example since apparently I was the first to order). * AR on sapphire is so good * the dial is truly as per gen, deep, with correct fonts, sized and placement (they claim to have a gen for replication purposes so it pays back) * all texts on dial seem to be spot on to the gen hi*res photos I could find * lume application on the dial is flawless one. * the movement is normal Venus 75 Manual Winding and non decorated but rotor is correct one, with precise, not too deep engravings. * steel case: all the edges, sizes of polished or brushed areas, sizes of facets etc. are truly as per gen. E-factory definitely has a gen of this watch. This is absolutely killer replication apart from the movement. The rotor looks cool, anyway. Fair price is a cherry on top.
  19. Hi, everyone. I am interested in buying a replica Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic watch and I would like to seek for advice and opinion from experienced members from this forum. The seller said that this watch is made by ZF but I am not sure as I am new to this. Could you guys help me have a look and tell me what you guys think? - What is the quality of this replica? - Are there any noticeable defects on this replica? - What is the movement they used to modify it to a P.9000? I would very much appreciate it if someone with experience helped me take a look and give your comment. Thank You very much.
  20. The launch of rep PP Nautilus from MP Factory somehow went with very little attention around here. I would dare to say that this rep is somehow (unjustly) neglected. So, to try and correct this I decided to give it some attention I got this in June this year, not expecting very much, but really interested in the gunmetal dial. And, I must say, the dial really work fantastically on this watch. Perfect brushed finish on the case. Mind blowing, really. Day and month windows at 12 o'clock under the PP logo and date at 6 o'clock. The Miyota 9015 Automatic movement with decorated rotor & bridges/plates like Patek Genuine Calibre with Calendar function just so great. All in all, great customer service and good quality product at a brilliant price on ok-replica online shop. Lets see some glamour shots of the rep.
  21. http://www.watchvideo.co/category/video/Casablanca-Chrono-8885-C-CC-DT-NR-PVD-Black-Dial-On-Rubber-Strap-A7750/85ad0226db9e6a1f085056000873641b/38 Preowned, excellent condition gents Franck Muller Casablanca Chronograph stainless steel plated with PVD wristwatch. Black dial, Arabic numeral hour markers, seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock and chronograph minutes sub-dial at 3 o’clock. 47*38 mm black case, winder and bezel. Original Franck Muller black rubber strap and original Franck Muller classic buckle. Sapphire crystal glass and Swiss Valjoux 7750 Automatic movement.
  22. BP - Rolex Day-Date 99% As Per Gen

    Hey Guys, After waiting awhile mine's finally come through too me today, so ill give you a tasty mini review. Firstly id like to thank kuvarsit for doing this for those that love the Rolex branded Reps The build quality of this watch is flawless, not a scratch not a mark, the case and wight feels absolutely genuine IMHO. The fluted bezel and polished case is as per GEN in both finish and Looks. The screw is nicely sunken as per gen also, so perfect. The dial is 99% Gen I can vouch for this as i have the Gen also. The hands and pinion are as per gen. The date font / and setting is as close to Gen as i've seen with his Cyclops date mod. The Diamond markers are beautiful and again are like the Gen. The sweeping hand is exactly as expected a nice sweep with the Low beat movement. The case back is the same as almost gen also, not that anyone is going to see it. The AR on the cyclops and crystal as as good as i've seen anywhere. I'd like to personally give kuvarsit a wrap for his wonderful work on this watch i'm so bloody very impressed. I was also lucky enough to get it. If anyone on here is considering a Rolex Day Date, forget the TD's their nothing on these builds. IMHO these are worth far more than we paid for them as a group, could you add a Gen dial and Hands ? yeah sure you could but why when these are 99% perfect. Mines 100% waterproof and has been in the bath / shower & pool today. Pics below.
  23. SevenFriday P2-2 watch was launched in 2012 by Swiss founder Daniel Niederer, Seven Friday timepieces fuse iconic design and quality construction with unrivalled value. The multi layer dial has a 24 hour counter and large 47mm case. Match the colours with your accessories. I'm such a fan I ended up redesigning the Seven Friday. http://www.watchvideo.co/category/video/11-Clone-SevenFriday-P2-2-11-PVD-Black-Dial-on-Black-Rubber-Strap-Miyota-82S7/d4341171d11b032df88b63ad5fed33e4/66 This is a stunning watch you would definitely want to sport on your wrist. First off, this watch comes with a square stainless steel case plated with PVD. A square-shaped case, as opposed to the typical round one, is already a statement in itself. The case is made more special with its complexities that you will see on the dial. On its face rests the unique dial, which is embellished with gold-tone hour markers, discs as sub dials, and the unconventional hands. The face is a layer of eleven applied parts creating this masterpiece. The details on the dial make this watch an innovative and modern piece. When you look at this watch, it is like travelling to the future. If you are fascinated with Japanese Miyota 82S7 Automatic movements, you will appreciate the skeletonized view to the engine. All you will see is a piece of art on your wrist.
  24. Hello GUYS! Welcome to today's photo review I had looked for a skeleton watch for some time and came across a AP Royal Oak. A watch with very high class in my opinion, I bought it at hellorolex. I ordered in RG and shipping went well, it took about 3 weeks - before it landed on my wrist. Wow! what a great watch, feels very solid and real rose gold color :) instead of the bronze colored gold we so often see. The case back is very fascinating i can look the movement directly, it is an Asian manual winding movement with Decorative Plated Bridges & Plates like Genuine Calibre The rose gold tone bracelet that it is an excellent example of a good classic dress watch. I am very pleased with this watch and are my favorite for now,and trust me there will be others. Anyways here are some pictures.
  25. The watches in OMEGA’s Seamaster Aqua Terra collection have established themselves as some of the brand’s most distinguished. With timeless styling, they live up to their name: they are equally at home on the decks of the boats recalled by the distinctive vertical lines on their dials or on dry land. http://www.watchvideo.co/video/Omega-Seamaster-Aqua-Terra-Day-Date-11-Original-BP-Swiss-ETA-2824-Automatic-Full-Steel-Blue-Dial-/538381a6822bdb1c17afb57cc83f476d OMEGA is proud to introduce new Aqua Terra models that include a date window at 6 o’clock as well as a window at 12 o’clock displaying the day of the week. The day and date indications don’t change gradually but jump instantaneously at midnight. I love the date at six on this, harks back to the Seamaster of old with that placement, and the day at the top gives is a real sense of symmetry. I'd also guess that side from a stainless model will also be available, its a rather simple complication but I really like the way they've executed it!
  26. Here's a quick comparison of RM50-03, with the RM50-03 with 23J movement that's available through most dealers. Not surprisingly, you really can't compare the workmanship of a 1 million watch with a <400$ rep. Though i must add that, the rep i have is a pretty darn good one, if it weren't for a few details which i will point out. On to the pics! The gen The rep 1. As you can see, the gen and rep are totally the same if you don's see carefully. The dial, however, the hour and minute hands are different from the gen. I'm chalking this up to a 'mistake' more than a 'flaw/tell'. 2. 'Bezel' screws flat just like the gen. 3. Dial is much clearer on the gen, that's probably due to the strong AR on the gen, printing seems sharper on the gen too. 4. Two subdials with different numbers from the gen, that's because the different functions. 5. At 12 o'clock there is a date window, but it's a non-activity function, just for decor. On the whole I would give this rep 90 out of 100.
  27. I am looking to purchase a Rep 45mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with the orange bezel. I have looked at several from various TD's, but there seems to be a few variations, so I would like some input from anyone who owns or has seen in person a Gen.My first question is the size? I want the 45mm, but I see there is also a 45.5mm. which one is correct?My second question regards the orange color of the bezel. Is the Gen a metalicy orange or a solid orange. Some I've seen seem to change color depending how the light hits it. others appear to be a darker more solid color orange.Here are ref pics of the Reps. If you notice, the noob's bezel looks to be a darker orange:Noob version http://www.watchvideo.co/category/video/Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-Swiss-ETA-2836-Automatic-Steel-Case-Orange-Bezel-with-Black-Dial-and-Stick-MarkersNOOB/feb668ada69ec6dc7d54c177bcf145ba/18
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